How to claim your travel expenses

13 November 2017
Travelling expenses

If you have an assessment at one of our Assessment Centres and are travelling by public transport or private car, we can pay for your journey and the cost of parking.

We may also pay for fares of a companion, relative, carer, or young children who would otherwise be left unattended.

Please keep all tickets and receipts for your journey. When travelling by public transport buy return tickets where possible. The receptionist at the Assessment Centre will give you an expenses form and can help filling it out if you need assistance.

We will be able to pay you more quickly if you bring details of your bank or building society account. If you do not have a current bank account, payments can be credited into the bank account of a nominated family member, friend of carer.

You should receive payment for your expenses approximately two weeks after you submit the form. Payments can only be paid directly into a bank account via BACS, or by cheque.

If you wish to claim for an authorised companion to travel with you, please call our customer enquiry team before your assessment on 0800 288 8777.

In some cases, we can also pay for a taxi if you cannot use public transport or have use of a car. If you can only travel by taxi, please call our customer enquiry team before the assessment on 0800 288 8777. A Healthcare Professional will consider your request.

For more detail on expenses claims, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.