Improving assessment of fluctuating conditions

21 April 2017
HCP talking to a customer

New guidance and training has been introduced for our Healthcare Professionals to help them explore in detail how customer’s conditions can sometimes vary and how that affects their daily lives.

Developed in conjunction with our Customer Representative Group (CRG), this will be the only guidance on our Healthcare Professionals desks to highlight the importance we place on understanding varying conditions.

Customers sometimes have difficulty explaining how conditions vary, so although it has been a focus of assessments to date, the new guidance will help Healthcare Professionals explore these issues in a structured way. This means making sure that activities can be reliably, safely and repeatedly undertaken, with fluctuating conditions placed at the heart of all assessments.

This new guidance and training will also complement the new capability for work questionnaire, also known as the ESA50 form, which highlights opportunities for customers to include information on fluctuating conditions