Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction

Service updates
27 January 2017
Image of a customer satisfaction form

We value the feedback we receive from our customer surveys as they provide useful insight into how well we are delivering our service. Our most recent results show high levels of customer satisfaction, with ratings for September to November 2016 at 93.4%.

The surveys are conducted by an independent research company and the questions asked cover different aspects of our service. They range from the way appointments are arranged to the facilities in the Assessment Centres. Questions are also asked about interaction with our staff and these results remain consistently high.

Customers are contacted randomly and are able to respond by telephone, post or email. Information is also available in Braille and British Sign Language. The survey is entirely voluntary and completely anonymous.

Some of the best results were in response to the service provided by our Assessment Centre staff. Healthcare Professionals who carry out assessments were rated positively at 96% for their courtesy and politeness and interactions with reception staff were also rated highly at over 95%.

These results are testament to the efforts we make to improve the customer experience and we remain committed to delivering the high quality service our customers expect of us.

We would like to thank all customers who have taken part in our surveys and provided their opinions. If you would like to share your feedback with us, you do not have to wait to be contacted. Customer Feedback forms are available in all of our Assessment Centres or you can also download one here.

Brian Pepper, National Customer Service Manager