Cookies we use

The Website sets cookies for analytics and research purposes. These cookies help us to understand, improve, and research the Website. They are first party cookies unless stated otherwise. All of these cookies will be removed when you close your browser session (session cookies) or will expire within one day.

These are the cookies set by our website:

Name Purpose


Lets us know whether or not your browser has JavaScript enabled

X-Mapping-fjhppofk Routes data and page requests to the correct server when a site is hosted on multiple servers
visitor.cookiebar Allows the cookie policy banner to be disabled when you have seen it


Manages multiple functions, documented at:

JSESSIONID (third party) Handles RUM injections for New Relic's browser monitoring.
_ga Distinguishes unique users for Google Analytics.
_gat Limits collection of data on high traffic sites for Google Analytics.


Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics cookies to collect information about how you use the Website. We do this to help make sure the site is meeting the needs of its users. It also helps us make improvements.

We use Google Analytics to collect and store information about:

the web browser you use to access the Website

  • how you got to the Website
  • the pages you visit on the Website
  • how long you spend on each page of the Website
  • what you click on while you’re visiting the Website

We don’t allow Google to share our analytics data. You may opt out of Google Analytics. To see how to do that, please click here (link is external). 

Google Analytics sets these cookies:

Name Purpose Expires
_utma Determines the number of unique visitors to the site 2 years
_utmb This works with _utmc to calculate the average length of time you spend on our site 30 minutes
_utmc This works with _utmb to calculate when you close your browser when you close your browser
_utmz This provides information about how you reached the site 6 months
ga_nextpage_params This stores data to be sent to Google on the next page you request when you close your browser
GDS_successEvents and GDS_analyticsTokens These help us identify how you use so we can make the site better 4 months